Recommended. See what 0 other customers have said about and share your own shopping experiences. I went directly to my PayPal and did not see an invoice. Like a neighborhood pharmacy. I have used www.unitedpharmacies-md (the UK branch of on many occasions, and find them very reliable. Unitedpharmacies Uk Was very unsure at first whether to order as for the initial order has to be via bank transfer. Voice your opinion today and hear what 62 customers have already said.

My test order with them for Zolpidem was relatively positive, although the medication seemed somewhat less effective than my usual American pharmacy generic, it did work. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore provides pharmacy listing only, it does not sell medications.

Search. This company is a gift from god. I didn't do it. Recently bought some modafinil, cheap prices for a legit product. This company is a ripoff, they take your money and then your screwed, they don’t respond to emails don’t give updates on orders They just take your money and you are screwed Stay away from these jerks, I gave them one star but they don’t deserve it. Claim this site.

It came with a link in the email which took my to PayPal to sign in. The first time I ordered I needed to send a money transfer, but have successfully used a credit card to pay for all subsequent orders with no problems at all. Some of the medications seem less potent than American pharmaceutical versions, but overall it is a very professionally run business. Solutions. I'm from the U.S. and have a bad case of shingles. They take your credit card details clone it and make fraudulent purchases which even 6 months later are not sorted out. Unitedpharmacies Uk Excellent service and products, Thank you.

I have been ordering occasionally for many years and received quick delivery and no problems except slight payment difficulties once. N/A. Now we have a surplus which will not be consumed before expiry (May 2021). I ju5wonee if the good ones are fake. I have ordered twice from United pharmacies, excellent service and goods received within 5 working days.

Excellent, 10/10, A+++

It may be ok but I haven't run into this before. United Pharmacies have good reviews on Reviews. The medication is not cheap either. These meds should be available in the UK for depression, lethargy and SAD, they act on a completely differently receptor than what typical antidepressants do.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging. Always delivered.. The communication has been excellent, ie an email to say they have the order, an email to say it has been dispatched, complete with tracking number and other information. Check if is popular among Internet users: This site seems to be a little popular online. Excellent service. Almost excellent, they do reply to emails but it takes a while. It does absolutely nothing to enhance cognitive function and only elevates your heart rate and gives you anxiety. Strictly review type posts are allowed here. Their serivce has been excellent. © 2020 Trustpilot A/S. The initial bank transfer has to be set up with your bank as its an international payment and it cost me an extra £10 to do this with my bank. Is Safe? My order always arrives without any problem and I always pay with my card with no difficulty at all. If you would like to burn, bin, trash or throw away £54, please don't. nothing. Excellent Pharmacy I have ordered now 6 times in the last 14 months.