Feels it improves blood flow also and nourishes our scalp.I recommended this to my several friends. None worked. I bought this oil for my hair fall issue and I am partially satisfied with this product. The oil transforms dull hair into thick and shiny hair. Easily available in all good general stores , chemists and even online stores; The price is very reasonable( you pay INR 1 for each ml) It REALLY DOES stop hairfall. It reduce dandruff and stimulate hair growth. Overall one can try this product .This oil by Himalaya, which is an Ayurvedic brand has helped in making my hair frizz free and tangle free as well. Himalaya is …
There was no itchiness, whatsoever. It genuinely reduces hair fall.

It adds shine to your hair and makes your hair soft. Neem and amla keep dandruff and other fungal diseases at bay. Prohibit the fungal growth and makes hair to grow healthy.This product is really a good alternative for hairfall and hair related problems .Well .. m wondering will ever have something good to say about Himalaya products ! The potent antibacterial properties of Snowflake Tree are perfect in treating dandruff.Soon after application, I found my hair to be free from any scalp problem.

It nourishes the scalp and keeps hair healthy.Massaging hair with this nutrient-rich hair oil provides extra nutrition to the scalp and prevents hair fall. There was so much to study and mind you I'm science brat..so you know the deal. Hats off to the research and development department of Himalaya! It retails Rs. 100 for 100 ml. Massage the scalp gently using your fingertips. My whole family likes this oil . I would put this one in the good list because it does improve the hair quality when used overtime . ?I feel it is effective for any type of dandruff! Completely thumbs up for this.• It makes the hair soft and smooth after each application, even without the conditioner.• The smell may be a problem to some.

Massaging also increases blood circulation to the scalp, which strengthens hair roots. Dandruff is something a lot of us suffer from. It is a multi functional oil. All these help in prevention of fungal scalp infections, nourish hair follicles, stimulate hair growth, prevent hair fall and thereby promote healthy hair. Since the advent of winters, I have been suffering from this problem of flaky scalp and the presence of dandruff on my shoulders.

try it once *puchhi*I have the same problem in winters….will try this oil…thanks for the review hun Nice review, I’d also try this hair oil as I’m facing dandruff nowadays With the start of winter, i was having itchy and flaky scalp..i tried the lemon+coconut oil massage..but i cannot do that very often..i’m afraid lemon might b;leach my hair..right time this revu came up.. *waaa**puchhi* give it a try! This is an average hair oil containing herbal ingredients which can be used daily for men & women.This oil comes with neem and amla goodness....transparent thick consistency... Little bit sticky ....not gives very good results just provide moisture to hair and make hair shiny ....average oil ....herbal and natural productI am using this hair oil with Himalaya's anti hair fall shampoo Himalaya anti hair fall conditioner and Himalaya anti hair fall cream and results are amazing results can be seen in just 2 week of use this oil is pretty awesome go for itBest to prevent hairfall and thinking of hair .Promotes hair growth and makes hair soft and shiny . But this looks good for a mild dandruff… Thanks for reviewing I used Himalaya anti hairfall oil and shampoo and i bet to differ.. It is rich in phytochemicals that help promote hair growth, strengthen the roots, and keep the hair healthy.Amla: Amla is used in Ayurveda for treating the hair and scalp. Use the oil twice or thrice a week for best results.It depends on the length of your hair. it is that one solution for people with excessive hair loss and hair fall.

And in fact, this oil is a boon for all those suffering from the same problem.Himalaya’s Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil prevents dandruff by eliminating microbial infections of the scalp. The oil is light which is extremely good resulting in a non-slick result. Thankfully since it isn’t much expensive so doesn’t punch u much .
It also acts as an antiseptic agent, which helps heal the scalp. Himalaya Anti Hairfall Hair Oil Pros Himalaya Anti Hairfall Hair Oil. I will definitely repurchase this wonder oil!.Works well and stops hair fall with more than 25%. It contains natural ingredients that rejuvenate the hair right from the roots, strengthening the hair follicles and promoting hair growth. The hair looked perfectly healthy and shiny. Do not spend on thisIt contains Bhringraj, Thistles, Fenugreek, Neem, Bael, Proteins, and Amla.Bhringraj: Bhringraj is a key ingredient in most herbal hair care products. The oil has strong fenugreek (Methi) smell which everybody might not like it but overall this oil is very good. .

All the ingredients are herbal with no chemicals. It is hypoallergenic and contains purely herbal ingredients like Amla, Neem, Methi etc.

Today I will be reviewing the Himalaya’s hair oil for Dandruff inflicted hair. Otherwise strong annoying smell , flimsy packing and no results is what this oil is for me !I've been using this for 2 months .