Bababoom Baby Shop

Bababoom is a fantastic pregnancy and birth shop in Loughton, Essex run by my friend and a lovely lady called Becky. Please do visit the Bababoom website and online shop – you will find some gems if you are looking for original baby gifts!

Becky always makes sure she searches out the most popular and most sought out items – and she is the best private midwife I know – so if you are looking for someone Essex based, she is the lady to go to.

And in her own words –

Hi, for those of you who haven’t yet met me, I am the founder of Bababoom! Many years ago, having worked as your community midwife, I recognised that Epping Forest had a huge void when it came to pregnancy and birth services. I became increasingly frustrated with sending my women to numerous different shops in order to fill their labour bags and thought how much more convenient it would be to have it all under one roof. That was the beginning of my dream, but then I looked at the fantastic results achieved by alternative therapies and thought, let’s bring them all under the same roof too!

As with all good businesses lots of research was needed and the local women and families then added independent midwifery into the pot, so we decided that we would offer a bespoke midwifery service, ranging from one off appointments, postnatal support, to full care packages and birth support. Finally you told me, well mainly the Nans and dads, that it was really difficult to get nice baby gifts locally so if we were going to be a One Stop Shop then, yes you’ve guessed it, we also have a fantastic range of new baby and mum gifts.

As your community midwife I split my time between providing care via the NHS, being a mum to 2 wonderful children, the other half of a very supportive husband and Noah to a menagerie of animals. So I knew my dream could not be fulfilled single handedly, with this in mind I set out to hand pick my team. Offers to come on board were plentiful but I had a vision of excellence and with this in mind I selected my chosen few.

Throughout my midwifery training I had one goal, and that was to be ‘my community midwife’! Unfortunately the nature of the job now dictates that I can’t hop on my bicycle any more, but to me traditional values are very important. I strongly believe that in order for a family unit to grow they need to be well supported and informed, giving them the self belief in their body’s ability to birth and then parent their family. This ethos runs throughout the foundations of our company and in the forthcoming year we have several awareness events scheduled to highlight specific pregnancy/ child related topics. Our aim is that by providing the One Stop Shop we will be able to help enhance the local community and with this in mind have also worked hard to link up with as many local shops and suppliers as possible.

You can keep up to date with the latest Bababoom news on Twitter!