Studio Session fees are £225 per any one session, or £275 if you have twins.

I work on weekdays only, although will do an occasional weekend shoot, prices on quotation.

The fee covers my time in taking and preparing the images for your to view, and does not include any images.

Print packages start at £325, and digital file packages start at £695, this is in addition to the session fee.

To give you an idea of budget, most clients spend between £750 – £3000.

If you would like a home session, prices start from £395 for the session, depending on distance, and there is a higher minimum order requirement – please email me for details.

Unfortunately , I am not able to pencil in slots or take provisional bookings. All fees must be paid in full at the time of booking in your session date.

It is recommended that you book in as soon as you can following your 20 week scan as the diary is normally booked at least 2 months in advance.

If you are due imminently you are welcome to contact me to check if there are any slots that have come up and are free, this can occasionally happen if babies booked in don’t arrive on their due dates.

I would also like to share an article from The Professional Child Photographer: The Consumer Guide for Custom Photography with you, it is worth a read and explain the investment required in a custom photography session.

Custom photography is more of a luxury than your entry level cookie cutter chain experience. Custom photography truly is not for everyone, it requires a level of commitment, investment in time and money, forethought and planning on the part of the subject/client and requires a larger time commitment for the photographer as well.

So are you curious as to why Custom Photography costs more than your standard high street portrait studio? Please read Why does Custom Photography Cost More?